It's time to start body-work that's tailored to you.

We’ll map out your Past, Present and Future (Dickens-style, with fewer ghosts), and get you set on a program you'll totally rock. All you need is a fitness mat, an internet connection, and a commitment to feeling freakin' fantastic in the body you have right now.

Let's get personal.


01. Intro to Pilates

A 3-month long program to get you started and EMPOWERED in the body you have here and now. Get in touch with your body, rediscover the power of your breath, and start your love affair with Pilates, all with a loving (and sassy) guide along the way.

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02. One-on-One Coaching

60-minutes of one-on-one coaching* to dig into how you move day to day, find your breath, establish the foundation of good form, and touch on a few key Pilates postures.

Check back for when one-to-one spots open up!

Need SOME convincing?

Word on the street is I'm pretty good at this...

Working with Megan is fantastic because of her positive energy; I especially love her focus on alignment for safety and efficiency. I learned more in a few months working with Megan than years taking a group Pilates class, and was able to rapidly see benefits after baby. I knew I loved Pilates before, and after taking Megan's private sessions and classes I feel truly spoiled and have a hard time with just any instructor. But, at the same time, with the knowledge I've gained I can handle most instructors and make all my own modifications with confidence.
Mary Langfield
Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

I appreciate Megan's approach to Pilates because she asks questions and checks in with both my body and spirit before the class starts. I have a tendency to hold stress in my hips and back - Megan always does a stellar job of making sure that I have good form throughout my practice. It always surprises me how well she remembers all of her clients' body quirks or focuses. Megan stands out as being one of my favorite Pilates instructors because she continues to change up the routine, differentiates the practice depending on who is in the class, all while having a positive attitude. Not only does she make sure that I'm using my best form throughout the workout, she is also warm and inviting!
Leslie Kegan
Elementary School Teacher
Megan is an awesome instructor!  She praised my strengths and easily assessed areas where I could improve.  Most of all, she makes Pilates fun and engaging - in such a way that I want to continue the work months and years later.
Keely Wolter
Dialect Coach

I always assumed that Pilates took a requisite level of fitness to do well. Megan started me on simple exercises that even my out-of-shape body could do and built to more difficult things over time. I saw actual progress! I was able to see how muscle groups strengthened over our time together. I haven't had that kind of success working on my own. Megan paid attention to my physical needs (exercise modifications) as well as form (making sure I did it right), and she pushed me without making me feel like a taskmaster was hanging over me and pushing me toward the hundred. She made Pilates time fun, which is a huge accomplishment when your client hates any kind of exercise. I have scoliosis and a hip injury that made some of the exercises (bridging in particular) difficult or painful for me. Megan was able to modify or find alternate exercises for me so that I could work the same muscle groups without causing myself pain. That's not the kind of individualized assessment you get in a DVD and often not even in a group class!
Kimi Johnson
Academic Technologist/Instructional Designer