If you’re here, it’s entirely likely that Pilates is front and center on the list of things to add to your fitness and wellness efforts. That’s awesome! The benefits of a strong core alone are reason enough to try Pilates, so why should you work with me?

(and how she’ll make you #dothefckingplank)

  1. Pilates is fun. I know this is a simple one to start out with, but it’s so true: Pilates is really fun. It’s ass-kicking work that helps you release that inner superhero. And let’s be real, when you can rock the full Hundred without breaking, that feels AWESOME.

  2. Basics are key. Basics are key. Basics are key. One more time for the people in the back: basics are key! Let’s build a solid foundation. You’re going to know the basics (Flexion Prep, Extension Prep, the Hundred) frontways, backways, every which way from Sunday, and that base of knowledge will propel you to greater success and fitness! It’s true in pretty much everything you do: your success will be determined by the foundation you have laid.
  3. Speaking of foundation, let’s get picky. You know I’m all about the basics, and as we move past that it’s time to get picky about form. Pilates is all about those tiny, stabilizer muscles that a heavy-lifting sesh just won’t hit, and I’m not going to let you half-ass your form. That’s what causes injuries or plateaus, and I’m just not ok with that. You deserve better.
  4. Along with getting picky about form, it’s time to talk modifications. Modifying exercises might be one of my favorite things about Pilates. Beyond type, intensity, or duration of exercise, the individual movements themselves are open to modification and THAT is where you find your perfect Pilates fit. I’m always modifying to make the work better for you and your body.
  5. There’s a difference between perfect, unconscious form, and mindful work. It’s time to get mindful about Pilates. This mindful key is why when people respond to hearing what I do with “oh, is that like yoga?” I won’t give a flat “no.” It’s kind of like yoga in that you’re going to be mindful about where your body is in space and what muscles you are using and what muscles you are consciously relaxing. It’s a lot more than that, but yeah - it’s super mindful work.
  6. Along with being mindful of the work you’re doing, I want you to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Does that mean a full biology and anatomy lesson? Heck no! But it DOES mean getting in touch with your body and understanding some basic anatomy and alignment so that you can know when you’re rocking it and when you’re phoning it in.
  7. Let’s customize this shiz. Working with me is all about solving the puzzle of how Pilates can unlock your inner Olympic God. It’s all about you, babe. I want to know your past and present habits, I want to know what feels a little creaky, I want to know what you hope to get out of Pilates - I want to know it all. I want to know because I want to make YOU successful. And that’s all about getting as customized as possible.
  8. Pilates is FLEXIBLE (both literally and figuratively). We’ve talked about modifications and customization, and it’s important to note that beyond the initial mods and custom programs we set out for you, if it’s not working we can fix that. It doesn’t mean pilates isn’t right for you. It means that program wasn’t. We’ll keep your program flexible and effective according to your goals. No, this does not mean you can take a week off and still expect the full benefits and results as if you had continued that week. But it DOES mean we can change up your program to fit that week.
  9. What started in jest has turned into one of my favorite phrases: just do the f*cking plank. It’s something I’ve always said in classes I’ve taught and it’s really representative of who I am as an instructor. I’m going to make you do the work. The thing is, just because I’m going to make you do the work doesn’t mean you’re doing it at all costs. Take the plank: need to plank on your knees? DO IT! Maybe planking on your forearms is best (it can get a bit wrist-y) - DO IT! You can do this! We’ll figure out how. But I’ll still make you do the f*cking plank because YOU CAN.