Fitspo? Try FitsNOPE.

(or things we need to say NOPE to regarding fitness inspiration)

Know what kills my motivation faster than an ACME anvil on Wile E Coyote’s head?

Bad fitspo.

For any wonderfully confused readers out there, “fitspo” is the abbreviation of “fitness inspiration” and while I’m absolutely on board with the concept (of COURSE I want some inspiration to help me kick my own ass in my workouts at home) the execution is ...well sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

Specifically, there seem to be four basic themes that we need to say NOPE to:

For one, I don’t think we should fat shame ourselves. Or skinny shame. Or really, any body shame. That’s just wrong, on so many levels. So let’s not. Let’s just say NOPE to any shaming of our bodies.

For two - I really don’t need any talk about how hot my body is GOING to be. It’s already pretty damn banging. I don’t need to be told or find inspiration in the binary of being hot in the future, implying that I cannot be hot now. These things are not mutually exclusive. Let’s say NOPE to a binary of bad-now/future-great.

Three, I have seen so many amazing quotes or pieces of text superimposed over the silhouette of a naked clearly-stereotypical-model woman or a six-pack of abs. Let’s say NOPE to the disconnect of inspirational text and heavily curated (and likely retouched) visuals.

Four: for the love of all that is good, let’s STOP the “get back at your ex” trope or any other unnecessary female competition. We can all look smokin’ (and let's be real, you probably already are). Again, these things are not mutually exclusive. Let’s say NOPE to pitting each other against each other.

In many ways, I don’t even think the memes are meant to be malicious or cruel - maybe I’ve got a Pollyanna sense of optimism about the intent - but I think fitness trainers and trainees alike want to create a sense of community and that’s AWESOME. Yes, we should create community! We should create legions of pinnable, inspirational messages! We should rally around each other and hold each other up! And we don’t have to get all kumbaya and prayer circle about it. Let’s just be mindful about it (oh look, there’s that mindful thing again).

So - I’ll be taking some time each month to comment on some Real Inspiration (Realspo, if you will).

I don’t want to take the time to proliferate negativity about certain fitspo memes I may see pop up on my Pinterest, but I DO want to take the time to cultivate some positivity and real inspiration regarding health and wellness goals and habits. If you’ve got any you’d like to share as well, please don’t hesitate!

Email me ( with any real, true, resonant, or fantastical inspiration that speaks to YOU!

Fitspo? Try FitsNOPE. | Megan Dowd Pilates