Mmkay, so maybe not a bony landmark or anatomy-specific bit, but it’s part of a building a strong Pilates foundation, so it’s at home here.


Breathe with me: in through the nose/out through the mouth.

Quick note on breath - it's the life of this work. I know that sounds cliché, but it's incredibly true. Breath should be the first thing you warm up and the first thing you check if something feels a little too easy or a little too hard. Coming back to your breath means letting the work you’re doing fully inhabit your body and that means a healthier body (meaning a body moving with greater ease), and THAT is for sure something we can all agree on.

I’m of the “in through the nose, out through the mouth” camp of lateral breathing. Work to isolate breath into the ribcage as you inhale through the nose, filling the ribs to the lowest lobes of the lungs. On the exhale, lightly purse the lips like blowing out birthday candles (and not blowing the cake across the table) to activate the abdominals and exhale every bit of air from the inhale.

This breath pattern relaxes the body and is a most efficient use of breath for the work.

Keep coming back to your breath and get down with your ribs and your breath.

AABreath (1).png