Here we'll get down to the nuts and bolts of you and your body. The tool you’ve had the longest and perhaps know the least about.

It’s about embodied movement and knowing what you need to do for your body to feel oh-so-good. It's about getting stronger and pushing what you thought was your personal best. It’s about establishing movement habits that allow you to feel amazing in your body.

And it's all online - you don't even have to leave your house.

I don't expect fitness to be the sole focus of your life.

I do expect you to show up and push yourself.

Then get on with your bad self - you've got sh*t to do.

BestYouGraphic (1).png

When you don't feel comfortable in your own body, it hinders your being the best 'you' you can be. And let's be clear, your best 'you' is not a certain size, it's not a certain number of inches around your waist, and it's certainly not a certain number on the scale.

Take the time to honor what AMAZING THINGS your body is capable of on a day to day basis. Your body serves you daily in so many ways, it's time to give it a little extra love.

You deserve some serious self-care.

Hey there - I'm Megan Dowd.


I'm a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in Mat and Reformer.

So what does that mean?

It means I've spent years learning how to do this work safely and efficiently with a lot of different bodies and a lot of different approaches.

It means I have 300+hrs in a practical classroom digging into human anatomy and the anatomy of Pilates so you don't have to - you can just do the work and love the results.

It means I've learned both modifications for injury and challenges for more advanced bodies.

It means I have a pretty good intuition for what's going on with your structure and what work will help you the most to feel your best.


you know you should. I know you can.