Time for some serious anatomical know-how (without the lecture hall). Know your body, know your breath, develop your sense of proprioception in ways that are simple but never easy.

In the immortal words of
Olivia Newton-John:


YOU + ME =

Bodywork that makes you feel amazing, in the body you have right now. Online Pilates programs that are on your terms, in your own home - all you need is a fitness mat and an internet connection.

This is bodywork for everybody and every body.

 free online pilates megan dowd

I’m a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor and I’m here to help you feel the best you possibly can in the rockin’ bod you were born with. I'm your virtual personal trainer, your online Pilates pro, your bodywork cheerleader.

I’ll be your Leslie Knope of Pilates.

And I’ll make you do that plank...


you know you should.
I know you can.